Office magnets – Stay-In-Place

- Extra strong

This special office magnet is commonly known as the Stay-In-Place magnet. This office magnet is ideal for public rooms or joint offices. The extra magnetic strength makes the magnet difficult to remove and prevents mysterious “loss” of magnets.


  • Elegant magnet
  • Neodymium magnet ensures the extra holding force up to 130 Newton (13 kilos)
  • Remove with the magnetic lifter
  • Ideal solution to “disappearing” magnets in public areas.
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Material: Neodymium
Surface: Metal / chrome
Coating: Nickel
Max temperature: 40 °C
Strength: Up to 130 Newton (10N ~ 1 Kg)
Certifications: RoHS, REACH, Code of Conduct
100,00 kr
Art. no. Ø mm H mm Holding force N Price Qty
25300 19 7 70
  • €3.23 from 10 pcs.
  • €2.55 from 100 pcs.
  • €2.35 from 250 pcs.
25310 23 7,5 100
  • €3.91 from 10 pcs.
  • €3.23 from 100 pcs.
  • €2.89 from 250 pcs.
25320 29 8 130
  • €5.07 from 10 pcs.
  • €4.39 from 100 pcs.
  • €3.84 from 250 pcs.
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Technical details
Product Description

This Stay-In-Place magnet has gained its name after numerous cases of lost magnets in for instance public areas. The office magnet is so strong that a small magnetic lifter is needed to remove it from the board. Exclusive quality product for whiteboards, advertising pillars, planning boards, lean boards etc.


The Stay-in-Place magnet is easily removed with the magnetic lifter and the amount of “lost” magnets will be reduced significantly.


Watch video for the office magnets here


Magnetic strength

The Stay-In-Place magnet is specifically developed for use on boards. The office magnet has a significant strength up to 130 Newton at the largest dimension – equivalent of approximately 13 kilos.



The office magnet is produced in 3 different dimensions. See them all in the ”Product overview”.


Other office magnets

See also the magnetic lifter for office magnet that is needed together with the Stay-In-Place office magnet. See the whole range of office magnets here.

Material Neodymium
Surface Metal / chrome
Coating Nickel
Max temperature 40 °C
Strength Up to 130 Newton (10N ~ 1 Kg)
Certifications RoHS, REACH, Code of Conduct
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