Permanent magnetic lifter / crane

-Unlimited lifetime

Hook this permanent magnetic lifter to the crane / hoist and use it to lift and transport heavy objects. For both flat and cylindrical objects. The magnetic lifter is highly suitable for rough, uneven and filthy parts. The product ensures cost reductions thanks to the quick and safe lifting.


  • Fits any type of crane hook
  • Lift up to 3000 kilos
  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Independant of electric energy
  • No maintenance
  • Protection against unintentional loss of cargo
Magnet: Ferrite
Surface: Metal
Max temperature: 60 °C at permanent use / 80 °C at temporary use
Strength: Up to 3000 kg
100,00 kr
Art. no. Ø mm min Ø mm max Holding force at plane objects (kg) Holdng force at round obejcts (kg) Price (Excl. VAT.) Qty
45400 30 300 100 50
  • €473.22 from 1 pc.
45410 50 400 300 150
  • €888.98 from 1 pc.
45420 100 450 600 300
  • €1,274.08 from 1 pc.
45430 100 500 1000 500
  • €1,852.47 from 1 pc.
45440 120 600 2000 1000
  • €3,273.31 from 1 pc.
45450 200 800 3000 1500
  • €4,664.83 from 1 pc.
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Technical details
Product Description

The permanent magnetic lifter for cranes is a professional holding magnet for lifting of heavy objects up to 3000 kilos. Produced in high quality and suitable for both plane and round items. The product is independent of electric energy. Great savings can be achieved using this magnetic lifter.


Holding force

Please note, that the holding force depends on the object to be liftet. At plane objects the product reaches a holding force up to 3000 kilos whereas at round objects it reaches up to 1500 kilos depending on the model. Please see the complete list of product models in the “Product overview”.



The permanent magnetic lifter is produced in different models depending on the need of magnetic strength. See the “Product overview” for more details.


Other magnetic lifters

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Highest temperature for the object: temporary 80 degrees C., permanent: 60 degrees C.

Magnet Ferrite
Surface Metal
Max temperature 60 °C at permanent use / 80 °C at temporary use
Strength Up to 3000 kg
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