Rubber coated magnets – External thread

- Thread: M4, M6, M8

These rubber coated magnets are equipped with an external thread and forms part of our Protego series. The magnet is specifically produced for use on varnished or painted surfaces due to the protective qualities of the rubber. High-quality product with great holding force.


  • Neodymium magnets placed in the rubber provides strong holding force (up to 550 newton)
  • Solid product
  • Galvanized rubber for indoor and outdoor use
  • Anti-gliss qualities even at smooth surfaces
  • Rubber and thread provides for optimum fixation
  • Rubber magnet is also available in white rubber – please consult us for more information
  • Max temperatur: 60 °C
Magnet: Neodymium (NdFeb)
Surfaces: Rubber
Max temperature: 60 °C
Type: External thread
Tread: M4 – M8
Holding force: 10 Newton ~ approx. 1 kg.
Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAC free, Code of Conduct
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Technical details
Product Description

The Protego rubber coated magnet with threaded neck is commonly used within the industrial areas and especially within the offshore sector and oil/gas industry. The rubber coated magnets are also suitable for use on vehicles, outdoor displays etc. Thanks to the special santoprene rubber these magnets has a set of very unique qualities that are not easily obtained in other products. The rubber provides protection for the magnets placed inside and for the mounted surface. This ensures zero marks and scratches even on fragile surfaces.

The rubber coated magnets are part of Larkos Protego series that provides certainty regarding strength and durability of the magnets. The threaded neck makes mounting of the rubber magnet very easy and ensures many application possibilities.

It is also possible to acquiere the Protego rubber magnets in white rubber if needed. Please ask in the sales department for more information.


Holding force of the rubber coated magnet

The holding force of these magnets can reach up to 550 Newton as a standard. However, the exact strength depends on the dimension. The high holding force can be obtained thanks to the strong neodymium magnets placed inside the rubber. See the complete list under “Sizes and variants”.



The rubber coated magnets are produced in dimensions from D12 mm – D88 mm as a standard. A threaded neck is applied – from M4 to M8 depending on the diameter. If other dimensions or threading is needed please contact our technical department for a custom made system.


Other magnets

These products are also produced as rubber coated magnets with internal thread, rubber magnets with screwed bush and rubber coated magnets with cylinder bore.



Apply our rubber magnet systems with caution due to the high magnetic strength.

The holding forces have been determined at room temperature on a polished plate made of steel ( S235JR according to DIN 10 025) with a thickness of 10 mm by pulling the magnet vertically from the surface (1kg~10N). A deviation of -10 % (max.) in the stated values is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value will be exceeded.

Magnet Neodymium (NdFeb)
Surfaces Rubber
Max temperature 60 °C
Type External thread
Tread M4 – M8
Holding force 10 Newton ~ approx. 1 kg.
Certifications RoHS, REACH, PAC free, Code of Conduct
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