Achilles certified

Larko Achilles certificeret

Achilles certified supplier for the offshore industry

The increasing number of offshore facilities, offshore wind farms and drilling rigs raises the bar for constructing and operating future facilities. Efficient, flexible and sustainable solutions are highly rated and the demands are high for every single component on offshore constructions.


Achilles certified

Larko Magnet is internationally certified with Achilles / Sellihca and forms part of the acknowledged qualification system ”Sellihca Nordic Utility Pre-Qualification System”. With this certainty regarding high quality levels, innovative developing methods and fully tested magnetic systems to draw on we not only accommodate our customer’s increasing demands but we manage to create even better and more sustainable solutions. The Achilles certificate provides our customers with the paramount assurance of our reliability as a supplier.


Quality and flexibility

Creating the right magnet systems for offshore applications require in-depth knowhow and experience. Achieving and speaking of quality is only possible when fully understanding the complex factors that rules when difficult weather conditions at sea are at play. Only by thoroughly assessing possibilities and difficulties in any given project we are able to develop the right magnetic system.


Our Protego Rubber Magnet systems are continously quality tested to ensure the right magnetic strength, tolerance and durability. The high quality is applicable for all subassemblies of the magnet systems in order to achieve a streamlined series of quality magnet systems. A constant development of the magnet systems takes place both at production levels and during the stages of development so that we always raise the bar. 


Our team of experts within the field provide professional counselling right from the beginning of the project in order to create awareness of all oportunities and riscs so that we can always find the best possible solution.


See Achilles approval here.


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