Larko Code of Conduct

Larko Code of Conduct

The Larko Code of Conduct states the principles for our ethical, social and environmental corporate social responsibility. As a professional supplier, we are obligated to maintain and determine general standards to be respected and abided by all entities.


At Larko Magnet we aspire to always contribute to the development and improvement of responsible corporate social activities within our area of business and and to create transparency concerning social and environmental conditions.


Our Code of Conduct is based on the 10 principles set out in the UN global compact’s principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anticorruption. It articulates specific minimum standards for sub suppliers and it serves as a guidance for our employees on the standards expected when conducting business on behalf of Larko Magnet.


By promoting Larko Magnet’s Code of Conduct in our supply chain we want to commit Larko Magnet suppliers, and their sub-contractors to produce components and supply services to Larko Magnet in an ethical and responsible manner. 



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