General terms & conditions

1.       Applicability

a. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all sales of goods by Larko Magnet International A/S – CVR 12 29 55 37 (“Larko”) notwithstanding any conflicting, contrary or additional terms and conditions in any purchase order or other communication from the Customer. No such conflicting, contrary or additional terms and conditions shall be deemed accepted by Larko unless and until Larko expressly confirm the acceptance in writing.

b. The GTCS apply to sales of goods from Larko to companies, organizations and public institutions (”Customer”).


2.       Specifications and orders

a. All product information, specifications and other information provided by Larko are strictly indicative. The customer holds full responsibility for the election of products and consequently for the functionality of the product in the given application.

b. The presentation of our products (on our web page or otherwise) shall not serve as binding offer from Larko’s side but as an invitation to place an order.

c. Agreements between the Customer and Larko are not final and binding once Larko has received the fully clarified order and when a written order confirmation has been sent by Larko to the Customer.

d. When placing an order through Larko’s website an automatically generated order confirmation will be sent to the Customer by email. This automatic response does not constitute a binding order confirmation. It is merely an electronic receipt for Larko’s acceptance of the order, thus Larko is always in liberty to cancel the order in the event of errors on the website, technical errors, failure to deliver etc.

e. If a non-disclosure agreement is signed for particular products and projects, Larko will keep these information safe until any alterations in the agreement occur.

3.       Prices / payment conditions

a. All prices are ex works with payment conditions as stated in the order confirmation or invoice.

b. All prices are exclusive of taxes, charges, handling costs etc.

c. Prices are quoted in Euros.

d. Payment conditions are stated in the written offer.

e. Orders are due for payment as stated in the order confirmation / invoice. Billing will be conducted according to the execution of the order/delivery.

f. Delivery of the goods will proceed when payment has been made to Larko’s bank account unless otherwise agreed.

g. Larko reserves the right to require a financial security from the Customer before the commencement of delivery.

h. The agreed price is based on the material costs, wages, customs duties, exchange rates and freight charges applicable on the actual day of delivery. If these should be changed until delivery of the order, prices are changed as well without further notice, according to the changes in percentages of material cost, wages etc.

i. For companies and public institutions apply the following terms of payment applies: “Card payment”, “Bank transfer / advance payment”, EAN/GLN barcode (only for public institutions) and “Invoice”, the latter implying 10 days net. Credit rating can take up to 3 days and is carried out by Larko. If the payment term elected by the Customer is not approved, the term of payment “Bank transfer/Advance payment” will apply instead. Payment term “Bank transfer/Advance payment” will always apply for new customers.

j. Larko reserves the rights to change, alter or modify without notice all prices, fees, catalogue material and technical specifications and Larko is not legally bound by the information stated in the material handed out to the customer.

k. Larko is not responsible for price errors, misprints and sold out items.

l. A handling fee of EUR 6 will be added to all orders below EUR 65.

4.       Late payments

a. Late payment shall entitle Larko to charge default interest of 2 % per month from the due payment date until payment is made and to charge reminder fees in accordance with current legislation.

5.       Delivery / lead time / freight charges

a. Freight charges will be advised on the website before approval of the order. The actual freight charges will depend on the total weight of the goods, recipient country and the amount of goods to be delivered.

b. If a certain recipient country is not available for choosing on the website, please contact Larko’s sales department.

c. Freight rates can be subject to price changes. At larger quantities price changes for pallets can occur. The Customer will always be notified in those cases.

d. Unless expressly stated otherwise in Larko’s order confirmation, all goods shall be delivered ex works in accordance with Incoterms 2010. Larko uses carrier, Post Danmark or other similar company. The risk of loss of or damage to goods shall pass to the Customer in accordance with the agreed delivery term.

e. The website contains list of products available on stock in Denmark and remote storages. Goods on stock in Denmark will be sent on the same day if the order is placed before 2:00 PM. Normal lead time is 2-7 days but is dependent on the recipient country and the delivery method chosen. For other products a delivery time of 7-21 days is to be expected depending on the actual product and quantity. The lead time for custom-made products and other special items will be advised by Larko before agreement.

f. Lead time will depend on the quantity and nature of the order as well as other arrangements made between Larko and the Customer.

g. If delivery is not possible due to Customer circumstances Larko will keep the goods at the expense of the Customer. Larko is entitled to charge costs for storage rental and other costs.

h. If the order has not been fully delivered Larko will see to it that the remaining goods are delivered as soon as possible. Larko will advise the Customer of this delivery date.

i. The Customer shall inspect the goods on arrival at its premises. If the goods do not correspond in nature to the goods ordered the Customer is obligated to give Larko written notification of any discrepancy within 7 days of the dispatch.


6.       Cancellation

a. A cancellation is not to be considered valid until Customer’s receipt of a written confirmation from Larko.

b. The Customer is entitled to cancel the order without charge until the moment when the order is effectuated i.e. when invoice or freight documents have been created. After this moment, the Customer is obliged to receive the consignment.

c. Cancellation of a non-stocked product, which has been ordered or is to be produced especially for the Customer, is not possible after the moment when Larko has started producing the product/assignment. 


7.       Delay

a. Any information concerning the deadline for delivery is not binding for Larko. If agreed delivery date can not be complied or if delay must be considered plausible, Larko shall inform the Customer verbally or in writing and, where possible, state the estimated new time of delivery.

b. Larko will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or economic loss due to delay in delivery.

c. The Customer is obliged to receive delivery if this is put at Customer’s disposal no later than two months after the agreed time of delivery. The Customer has no rights to remedies in case of delays within the deadline of two months. In case of delays that extend beyond the two months’ deadline the Customer is entitled to cancel the order unless the delivery is prevented or delayed due to circumstances mentioned in Section 14a.

8.       Complaints

a. The Customer shall inspect the goods on arrival at its premises. If the goods do not correspond in nature to the goods ordered the Customer is obligated to give Larko written notification of any discrepancy within 7 days of the dispatch.

b. If the Customer discovers faulty products or shortfalls in the order the Customer shall inform Larko in writing immediately and no later than 7 days after invoice date. If this is not met the order is to be considered accepted in accordance with the delivery note.

c. In case of exchange or return, the Customer will pay for the return freight, and Larko will not refund any shipment or payment costs. In case of a quality claim due to damaged or faulty product, Larko will replace the product free of charge or refund what the customer has paid, including the freight cost. Return goods shall be sent to:

Larko Magnet International A/S – Meterbuen 6, Bygning 9, 2740 Skovlunde, Denmark

d. If a package is damaged at arrival, the customer should report it immediately at the site. If the customer has opened the package and detect damages, please contact support at or at +45 3965 4800.

e. Larko’s liability for defects and shortage is limited to delivery of substitute goods, supplementary delivery or remedial measures at Larko’s discretion within reasonable time.

f. Larko’s liability as a result of defects is limited to these general terms and conditions of sale. Larko bears no direct nor indirect responsibility for (but not limited to) incompatibility, delivery delays, harmful properties of the goods, product liability, downtime, data loss, additional work or other economic harm.

g. Larko shall not be liable for any defects which are caused by faulty maintenance on the part of the Customer, faulty use or mounting of the product, by variations of the products undertaken by the Customer or by faulty repairs performed by the Customer without Larko’s written consent.

h. Larko provides six month warranty from delivery. After the expiry of this six month period the Customer can not plead the lack. Any remedial measures or substitute goods provided by Larko does not lead to another new six month warranty period.


9.       Right of withdrawal

a. Larko does not provide B2B customers the right to withdrawal.

10.   Returns

a. Larko does not accept returns without prior consent from the person in charge at Larko.

b. Certain custom-made products can not be returned after ordering as these are being specially produced according to the order submitted by the Customer. Other agreements can be made after contacting Larko.

11.   Product liability

a. Larko shall be liable for damages to products and damages to third parties caused by products according to current product liability laws and these conditions but is not liable to greater extent than what is required by law.

b. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform Larko of any damage caused by the material or if such a damage is considered in danger of occurring. Repairing shall only be made with Larko’s written consent.

c. Larko assumes no liability for the Customer’s selection of the product, including product compatibility, or for the use and results thereof. Larko assumes no liability for the Customer’s selection of any supplementary equipment and service required to be used together with the products, or for the use and results thereof. Larko disclaims any responsibility in relation to faulty use of the products and for any damages to persons occurred in relation to mounting and use.

d. Larko is not liable in the event of delays or deficiencies of the goods. Larko bears no direct nor indirect responsibility for (but not limited to) lost profits, loss of data, economic loss, additional work, or other costs in relation to reestablishments/updates in the event of deficiencies of the goods.


12.   Limitation of liability

a. Larko shall be liable according to current product liability laws and these conditions but is not liable to greater extent than what is required by law.


13.   Personal data

a. Larko shall treat information in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (persondataloven), the Danish Marketing Practices Act (markedsføringsloven), and the general provisions of Danish law. When ordering through the website the information supplied from the Customer will be registered. Information such as customer name, address, e-mail etc. are considered confidential and shall only be used to complete the Customer’s order and to provide the Customer with important information regarding their order. Larko does not pass on information to third-party unless prior approval has been made by the Customer.

b. Log-in information for the customer account on the website shall be handled confidentially by the Customer. If the Customer provides this information to other party they hereby confirm and give access to this party to order on behalf of the Customer. In the event of the Customer fearing that unauthorized persons have gained access to the log-in information, Larko must be notified immediately and passwords must be changed by the Customer immediately.

14.   Force Majeure

a. Larko’s obligations shall be excused if extraordinary situation occurs caused by reason of any occurrence or contingency beyond its reasonable control and which will be regarded as Force Majeure according to the Danish Sale of Goods Act. The obligations and rights of Larko shall be extended on a day-to-day basis for the time period equal to the period of such excusable interruption. When such events have abated, Larko’s obligations shall resume. In the event of the interruption of Larko’s obligations continues for a period in excess of sixty calendar days, the Customer shall have the right to terminate the applicable contract(s) of sale, without liability, upon fourteen calendar days’ prior written notice to Larko.

15.   Invalidity

a. Should any provision of these terms be or become ineffective, invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the other provisions shall not be affected. In such a case, the parties shall agree on a valid and enforceable provision that is as close as possible in its economic equivalent to the ineffective, invalid or unenforceable provision. 


Guidelines when handling and sending magnetic products:

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If further questions please contact the sales department at +45 39654800.