Mission and values


Our mission is to offer solutions which facilitates your working processes and make them more efficient.


It is our overall purpose to create products raise the quality of your work and that provides you with better results and reduced work times.


Furthermore, it is essential for us to provide products, that increases your work safety thanks to the high quality and the essential guidance that always follows when cooperating with Larko Magnets.



Professional competences

At Larko Magnet we carefully monitor the latest developments and our professional competences are our primary asset. As a customer at Larko Magnet you are ensured quality products that are designed and manufactured under strict testing and you receive the best guidance on the market.



Expertise is a concept which is consistent throughout the entire company and it is the basis for the strong credibility we receive from our customers. We provide credibility and safety around the product and we understand the importance of listening to the needs and demands of our customers.



At Larko Magnet we have a great focus on innovation and new developments in order to remain your preferred supplier of quality magnet systems. Thanks to our competent engineers and external key partners we provide future-proof solutions to our customers – every time.