Digifilm® Ferro sheet

Super thin & magnetic receptive

Digifilm® ferro sheet is a super thin and universal printable material, which is specially developed as a flexible large format media. With Digifilm®, you can easily change your graphic and decor without any professional assistance. The ferro sheet is designed for boutiques, showrooms, and other places, where you want to install and change your graphical messages on an ongoing basis with ease. The flexible and magnetic receptive material makes Digifilm® ferro sheet easy to work with and can be mounted in multiple layers on any magnetic base.

  • Super thin lightweight ferro sheet
  • Put up to three layers of graphic on top of each other
  • Print options: (Eco) Solvent, UV and Latex
  • Choose between PET and PP surfaces
  • Easy installation saves time and resources
  • No need for professional assistance for installation
  • Ideal for both flat and curved surfaces
  • Option for other widths for PET: 1070 mm / 1372 mm / 1600 mm
  • Option for other widths for PP: 1372 mm / 1524 mm
Material: Ferrous material
Surface: White PET / White PP
Max temperature: 40 °C
Thickness: 0.18 mm / 0.26 mm
Certifications: Reach, MSDS, Larko Code of Conduct
100,00 kr
Art. no.L mmW mmH mmSurfacePrice (Excl. VAT.)Qty
DF1066050.00012700,18White PET
  • €475.88 from 1 pc.
  • €455.89 from 5 pcs.
  • €439.89 from 12 pcs.
DF1067050.00012700,26White PP
  • €427.89 from 1 pc.
  • €407.90 from 5 pcs.
  • €391.90 from 12 pcs.
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Technical details
Product Description

Digifilm® ferro sheet is developed to create large format graphic, which is easily replaceable. The super thin material makes the ferro sheet especially easy to handle for the staff and employees. That way, you do not have to worry about waiting on expensive installation teams. Let your staff create complete graphic walls in no time with the ferro sheet. It saves time and resources, and it gives back the responsibility to the people, who sell and market the products on a daily basis.

Digifilm® ferro sheet is produced with 2 different surfaces: PET and PP. Digifilm® with PET surface has a thickness of only 0.18 mm, while the ferro sheet with PP surface has a thickness of 0.26 mm. The ferro sheet with PP surface is a bit more stiff and solid in its design, which makes mounting easier for untrained personnel.

Thanks to the strong and exceptional ferrous material in Digifilm® ferro sheet, it is possible to put up multiple layers of graphic on top of each other. That way you can create a highly professional and easy-replaceable graphic environment, which affects the customers best possible depending on season, campaigns and atmosphere. The staff can easily add or remove sales promoting material and pictures if needed.

Mount the Digifilm® ferro sheet on top of a magnetic sheet base. The thicker the base, the better the ferro sheet will stick and the more layers you can add on top. We recommend our Supaflex magnetic sheet 0.75 mm with adhesive to achieve best possible strength. Please contact us for more information on both the ferro sheet and the magnetic sheet. As soon as the base is mounted, you do not have to replace it, and you have no further costs on new magnetic sheets every time you want to change the graphic.

The ferro sheet is universal printable and is compatible with UV, Solvent, Eco-solvent and Latex. Reuse graphical messages or stock them for later use. It is also easy to transport the ferro sheet to other locations. Thanks to the low memory in the ferro sheet, you can just roll it up and put it elsewhere as good as new.

Material Ferrous material
Surface White PET / White PP
Max temperature 40 °C
Thickness 0.18 mm / 0.26 mm
Certifications Reach, MSDS, Larko Code of Conduct
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