Electromagnetic door holder – On Wall

– For wall mounting

This high quality magnetic door retainer model On-Wall is specifically developed for wall mounting. Ideal for bridging bigger distances between door and wall. Connect the magnetic door holder to the fire system and prevent lethal smoke from spreading to other areas of the building.


  • CE og EN1155 approval
  • DOP – Declaration of Performance certificate
  • Ajustable keeper plate included
  • Integrated polarity protection and spark suppresing diode
  • Magnet IP54 - connection IP42
  • Manual release button
Certifications: EN1155 / DOP
Mounting: Wall
Magnet: IP54
Connection: IP42
Dimension: 70 x 70 x 65
Volt: 24 DC
Holding force: 400 Newton
Watt: 1,6
ED %: 100
Keeper plate: Adjustable keeper plate
Art. no.W mmH mmDepth mmVoltWattHolding force NPrice (Excl. VAT.)Qty
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Technical details
Product Description

This safety approved electromagnetic door holder is ideal for wall mounting in places where the distance between the fire door and the wall is bigger than usual. Thanks to constant testing, quality controlling and continuous technological development these series of electromagnetic door holders belongs to some of the most secure products on the market. Human lives are at stake when fire occurs in buildings. As a consequence, all Larko electromagnets are approved according to European standards (EN1155).

A fire door normally needs to be in an held open state to allow for easy access between busy corridors. When connecting the On-Wall electromagnet to the fire system the magnet prevents the door from closing. If fire is detected the power is cut and the fire door immediately closes, thus stopping any smoke or fire from spreading.


Safety for the Electromagnetic door holder

The On-Wall electromagnet is compliant with the European certificate EN1155 as well as the relevant DOP (Declaration of Performance).


Product qualities

On-Wall fire door retainer has a dimension of 70 x 70 x 65 mm / holding force of 400 Newton / 24DC / 1,6 W. The electromagnet has a 100 % duty cycle (ED) meaning that the magnet operates under constant power without affecting the magnetism.

The electromagnet is equipped with a manual release button.
All our electromagnetic door holders has integrated a spring loaded anti-remenance pin which ensures zero residual holding force when the magnet is de-energised. This ensures faster closing of fire door and additional safety.



Adjustable keeper plate is included. The keeper plate is used as counter plate for the electromagnet and is mounted on the door itself.


Other fire door retainers

See also our Basis electromagnet as well as the In-Wall model for reference.

Højde (mm)70
Bredde (mm)70
Dybde (mm)65
Pris på forespørgsel0
Certifications EN1155 / DOP
Mounting Wall
Magnet IP54
Connection IP42
Dimension 70 x 70 x 65
Volt 24 DC
Holding force 400 Newton
Watt 1,6
ED % 100
Keeper plate Adjustable keeper plate
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