Electromagnetic door holder - Universal

- Elektromagnet for wall & floor

This Universal electromagnetic door holder can be mounted on the wall or floor. High quality door holder to be connected to the fire system and secures safe and automatic closing of the door in case of fire and smoke.


  • The magnet door holder is CE approved and tested according to EN1155
  • DOP – Declaration of Performance certificate for download
  • 24 DC / 400 N
  • Manual release button
  • Integrated polarity protection diode and spark suppressing diode
  • Zero residual holding force
  • Magnet IP54 - connection IP42
  • Adjustable keeper plate included (model GT50R006)
Certifications: EN1155 / DOP
Montering: Wall / floor
Magnet: IP54
Connection: IP42
Dimension: 110 x 85 x 38 mm
Volt: 24 DC
Holding force: 400 Newton
Watt: 1,6
ED %: 100
Keeper plate: Adjustable keeper plate
Art. no.W mmH mmDepth mmVoltWattHolding forcePrice (Excl. VAT.)Qty
  • €52.72 from 1 pc.
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Technical details
Product Description

This Universal electromagnetic door retainer is one of our magnetic door holders with multiple application possibilities. The door retainer magnet can be mounted on the floor or wall and a strong bracket can be applied to protect against vandalism.

A fire protection door needs to be in a held open state as stated by the fire inspection. The Universal door retainer is a safe and legal solution to hold fire doors open in for instance large areas and buildings. Connect the magnetic door retainer to the fire system and in event of smoke or fire, the power will shut thus releasing the door immediately. This prevents hazardous smoke from entering other areas and can save the lives of many people.


Safety for the Universal electromagnetic door holder

All of our door retainer magnets comply to the current european regulations EN1155 and are quality tested accorded to the same. This ensures safe and legal magnetic door holders. The Universal model is compliant with safety certificate EN1155 as well as the Declarations of Performance.


Product qualities

The standard model of the Universal Electromagnet is 110 x 85 x 38 mm and a holding force of 400 Newton. The electromagnet is built for 100 % duty cycle (ED) meaning that the magnet operates under constant power without affecting the magnetism.

The manual release button is changeable from the base side to left or right.

Cable entry possible from rear side resp. by means of enclosed exits from the base side, left or right.

The magnet is approved for power size 3-5 door closers.

The electromagnet has integrated a spring loaded anti-remenance pin which ensures zero residual holding force when the magnet is de-energised. This ensures faster closing of fire door and additional safety.



Adjustable keeper plate is included when puchasing this electromagnetic door holder. The keeper plate is used as counter plate for the electromagnet and is mounted onto the door.


Other Electromagnetic door holders

The Universal door holder is our best seller in this series of electromagnets. Other models are also available at higher quantities. Please contact our sales department for further information.

See also our other electromagnetic door holder with multiple application possibilities – Distance.

Højde (mm)110
Bredde (mm)85
Dybde (mm)38
Pris på forespørgsel0
Certifications EN1155 / DOP
Montering Wall / floor
Magnet IP54
Connection IP42
Dimension 110 x 85 x 38 mm
Volt 24 DC
Holding force 400 Newton
Watt 1,6
ED % 100
Keeper plate Adjustable keeper plate
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