Flex Ferro sheet - adhesive

Magnetic receptive

The strong Flex ferro sheet with adhesive is ideal to create uniwue and personalized whiteboards and magnetic receptive boards. The ferro sheet is very flexible and durable, and thanks to the adhesive, it can be mounted on any even surface as for example on existing whiteboards, cupboards, foamed PVC sheets and other even surfaces.

Choose between nature brown (plain), matt white or dry wipe (whiteboard) surface to create the right magnetic receptive board.

  • Strong magnetic receptive material
  • Good standard adhesive (other types of adhesive are possible by larger quantities)
  • Surfaces: nature brown / dry wipe (whiteboard)
  • Esay to cut as needed
  • Product samples can be arranged
Material: Ferrous material / synthetic rubber / adhesive
Surface: Nature brown (plain) / white / dry wipe
Max temperature: 40 °C
Thickness: 0.4 mm (excl. the surface)
Certifications: REACH, MSDS, Larko Code of Conduct
100,00 kr
Art. no.LWHAdhesiveSurfacePrice (Excl. VAT.)Qty
10630K1000012500,4AdhesiveNature brown (plain)
  • €256.60 from 1 pc.
  • €240.61 from 5 pcs.
  • €224.61 from 12 pcs.
10650K1000012500,4AdhesiveDry wipe (whiteboard)
  • €370.57 from 1 pc.
  • €354.58 from 5 pcs.
  • €337.25 from 12 pcs.
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Technical details
Product Description

Our new Larko Flex ferro sheetwith adhesive is specially developed for you to create your own customized magnetic board. The ferro sheet is available with 3 different surfaces, so you no longer have to spend unnecessary time on mounting dry wipe or white foil on top of a plain ferro sheet. The flexible liner makes it possible to have both adhesive and dry wipe surface on the one and same product - all ready to cut and create the right magnetic board by your measures.

We generally recommend the use of ferro sheet instead of magnetic sheet as a base, if you want to use the board with magnets. This is because the use of magnets on magnetic sheet can destroy the magnetic fibers in the sheet and on a long-term basis demagnetize the product.

The ferro sheet is available in rolls. If you want customized cutouts, this can be done at larger quantities. Please contact us at +45 39 65 48 00 or post@larkomagnet.com to find out your options.

The Flex ferro sheet with adhesive can also be used as a base where you want to put up printed magnetic graphics. Although, we recommend using our Supaflex Magnetic sheet 0.85 mm with adhesive as the base and then add the super thin Digifilm® ferro sheet instead (with possibility to put up multiple layers up). Please ask the sales department for more information.

The adhesive is made for use on all even surfaces. If you want to mount the ferro sheet on a more uneven surface (e.g. painted surface), this has to be sanded down first. We recommend either way a foam adhesive on the ferro sheet to make sure it stays. Contact us for more information about different types of adhesive.

The Flex ferro sheet also comes without adhesive. Check out our Larko Flex ferro sheet.

Material Ferrous material / synthetic rubber / adhesive
Surface Nature brown (plain) / white / dry wipe
Max temperature 40 °C
Thickness 0.4 mm (excl. the surface)
Certifications REACH, MSDS, Larko Code of Conduct
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