With the Larko MagWall® concept it does not get any easier to create professional and easy changeable displays in large format printing. The concept contains our Supaflex magnetic sheet with adhesive in combination with our super thin Digifilm® ferro sheet. MagWall® is ideal for boutiques, shops or showrooms where the graphic expression continuously needs to be changed, and where time and efficiency is important. You just mount the magnetic sheet base, and then put the Digifilm® ferro sheet on top. You can easily do it yourself and without any need of professional help.


Mount the magnetic base on displays, signs, complete wall systems, fair equipment etc. When the base is up, you are all set to put up the Digifilm®, the super thin printable ferrous sheet, which is an easy and fast way to show your graphics. Once the magnetic base is up, you only have to change the ferro sheet when you want another expression. Due to the thinness of the Digifilm®, it is possible to put up to three layers on top of the base - a great way to create an even more vibriant and customer-oriented graphic expression. With this solution, your are done with having to wait for expensive professional assistance. Let your staff take care of it and get your displays up in no time.


Read more about MagWall® below.

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