Magnetic grid - Funnel shaped 60°

- For funnel shaped systems

Magnetic grid for collecting unwanted metal particles in e.g. injection molding machines and other funnel shaped systems. The grid is made of high quality in both the stainless steel housing and the strong magnetic filter bars. It ensures a highly durable filtration magnet with minimal maintenance.

  • Funnel shaped magnetic grid 60°
  • Magnetic field: 30 mm
  • Ideal for e.g. injection molding machines
  • For dry environments as a standard
  • Is produced by order
  • Other variantions are possible according to requirements of: humid/wet environment, in contact with food, higher temperatures, and other dimensions
Magnet: Neodymium / Ferrite
Surface: Stainless steel
Max temperature: 80 °C
Type: Magnetic grid - funnel shaped
Diameter of the magnetic filter bars: 22 mm
Magnetic flux density for neodymium: 600 mT (milliTesla)
Magnetic flux density for ferrite: 130 mT (milliTesla)
Certifications: RoHS, REACH, UV resistance, Code of Conduct, SSNT 720h.
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Technical details
Product Description

With this magnetic grid made with a funnel shape, you minimize the risk of having potential harmful metal particles further into your system. This reduces unnecessary and costly downtime on the system. Cleaining the magnetic grid is easy. You can do it either by using air pressure or by wiping it off.

Magnetic grids produced for your needs

The magnetic grid is made in a funnel shape 60° with different amounts of filter bars depending on your exact needs. If you have other requirements than our standard, e.g. higher temperatures, other environments (humid or wet) etc., you can benefit from contacting our sales department. They can help you getting the right product that suits your needs.

The magnetic flux density is measured in mT (milliTesla). 1 mT is 10 Gauss.

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The magnetic grid is also available in a round shape for pipe systems or in a square shape for square shaped applications.

Magnet Neodymium / Ferrite
Surface Stainless steel
Max temperature 80 °C
Type Magnetic grid - funnel shaped
Diameter of the magnetic filter bars 22 mm
Magnetic flux density for neodymium 600 mT (milliTesla)
Magnetic flux density for ferrite 130 mT (milliTesla)
Certifications RoHS, REACH, UV resistance, Code of Conduct, SSNT 720h.
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