Magnetic tape - TESA

TESA 51865

This strong adhesive magnetic tape is produced with TESA quality adhesive for optimum fastening of the product. The magnetic tape is highly flexible and particularly used for showrooms, displays, signs etc. The product provides maximum holding force thanks to the strong ferrite strontium material and the solid adhesive.


  • TESA adhesive 51865
  • UV coating
  • Shorten and bend according to needs
  • Multiple application possibilites
  • Max temperature: 55 °C
  • Article no. 10200+10210 (12,7 mm) are available in A polarity and B polarity
  • If stronger model is needed please contact our sales department
  • See specifications for TESA 51865 here
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Material: Ferrite Strontium
Surface: Adhesive and liner
Max temperature: 55 °C
Length/thickness: 30 m. / 1.5 mm
Width: 12,7 / 19 / 25,4 mm
TESA adhesive: 51865
Strength: 70-75 gr. per cm2
Certifications: EN-71.3, Code of Conduct
100,00 kr
Art. no.L mmW mmH mmColorStrength pr. cm2Price (Excl. VAT.)Qty
1020030000A12,71,5Nature brown70-75 gr. pr. cm2
  • €29.99 from 1 pc.
  • €28.66 from 4 pcs.
  • €25.19 from 10 pcs.
  • €20.66 from 48 pcs.
1021030000B12,71,5Nature brown70-75 gr. pr. cm2
  • €29.99 from 1 pc.
  • €28.66 from 4 pcs.
  • €25.19 from 10 pcs.
  • €20.66 from 48 pcs.
1022030000191,5Nature brown70-75 gr. pr. cm2
  • €34.52 from 1 pc.
  • €33.06 from 4 pcs.
  • €32.26 from 10 pcs.
  • €29.99 from 48 pcs.
102303000025,41,5Nature brown70-75 gr. pr. cm2
  • €45.19 from 1 pc.
  • €41.32 from 4 pcs.
  • €38.39 from 10 pcs.
  • €34.52 from 48 pcs.
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Technical details
Product Description

The magnetic tape TESA belongs to the group of flexible magnets like magnetic strips and magnetic sheets. Unlike the other products, the magnetic tape - TESA is characterized by having one adhesive side. These products are solely produced with quality TESA adhesive 51865 to obtain the best possible adhesive abilities.

The magnetic tape TESA makes it possible to turn wooden surfaces or aluminium and plastic into magnetic products in a simple yet efficient way. Magnitize a sign by placing magnetic adhesive tape on the back and place it on the metal surface using no screws nor drill. Please note that magnetic tape and flexible magnets in general provides low magnetic effect compared to regular raw magnets.

Magnetic tape TESA with a width of 12.7 mm is available with A polarity and B polarity to be able to attract each other precisely. If the issue of polarity is irrelevant the A model is applied as a standard.

Watch product video for the magnetic tape here.


Magnetic strength for the magnetic tapes TESA

The strength of these magnetic tapes with TESA is 70-75 gr. per cm2. Magnetic tape TESA belongs to the group of flexible magnets characterized by a low magnetic effect. However, the product is strong enough for most applications.



The magnetic tapes with TESA are produced in 3 different dimensions. See dimensions and prices under ”Sizes and variants” above.

Other magnetic tapes

The magnetic tape - TESA is not the only flexible product with adhesive on one side. Please also have a look at the magnetic sheets with adhesive.

If magnetic strips without adhesive is needed please see our range of Larko Flex magnetic strips.



Application of magnetic tapes are not recommended at temperatures above 55 °C. The adhesive qualities are reduced if exposed to higher temperatures than recommended.

Material Ferrite Strontium
Surface Adhesive and liner
Max temperature 55 °C
Length/thickness 30 m. / 1.5 mm
Width 12,7 / 19 / 25,4 mm
TESA adhesive 51865
Strength 70-75 gr. per cm2
Certifications EN-71.3, Code of Conduct
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