Office magnet with rubber coating / glass boards

- Strong magnet for glass boards

This special office magnet with rubber coating and grip is developed specifically for glass boards. The long grip ensures excellent gripping during use. The office magnet is produced with an extra strong rubber magnetsystem for optimum attraction towards the glass surface. Leaves no marks nor scratches on the surface even after continuous use.


  • Strong holding force even on glass boards with extra thick layer of glass
  • Practical long grip enables easy handling
  • The rubber leaves no marks on the glass
  • Anti-gliss effect thanks to the special rubber
Magnet: Neodymium
Surface: Rubber
Max. temperature: 60°C
Certifications: RoHS, Code of Conduct
Art. no.D mmL mmNo. of A4 sheets (regular board)No. of A4 sheets (glass board)Holding force NPrice (Excl. VAT.)Qty
3171043608 pcs.20 pcs.260
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  • €12.26 from 10 pcs.
  • €11.33 from 25 pcs.
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Technical details
Product Description

This office magnet with rubber coating is ideal for chatboards thanks to the high magnetic strength. Excellent handling due to the practical grip. Put an end to numerous intents to move the small magnets on the board - with one easy grip the office magnet is released.

The small magnets that often accompany glass boards can easily scratch the surface over time. The office magnet with rubber coating ensures zero scratching and protects the surface.


Holding force for the rubber coated office magnet

The specially developed magnetsystem provides a holding force up to 260 Newton at applications on regular metal surfaces. On glass boards the magnetic strength will depend on the thickness of the glass. However, the magnet is so strong that it will provide excellent magnetic strength even on glass boards with a thick layer of glass.



The office magnet with rubber coating for chatboards has a length of 60 mm and the magnet a diameter of D43 mm. The product is developed with these measures to obtain the best possible strength and functionality for glass boards.


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Due to the high magnetic strength it is not recommended to use this office magnet for regular boards. Please also be aware of the fact that glass boards with a thin layer of glass can be damaged due to the high strength of the office magnet.

Diameter (mm)43
Længde (mm)60
Pris på forespørgsel0
Magnet Neodymium
Surface Rubber
Max. temperature 60°C
Certifications RoHS, Code of Conduct
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