Magnets for glass boards

This type of magnets for glass boards is also called glass board magnets. The magnets are especially suitable for glass boards due to the high magnetic holding force.

What are glass board magnets?

Glass board magnets need to be strong, so the magnetic force are able to go through the glass front and reach the metal backside. Because og this, it is important to choose the right magnet, if you want to be sure the magnet is able to hold something on the glass board. It takes a strong magnet that does not scratch or slide down the glass surface.

The magnets, we have selected for this type of glass magnets, can hold several pieces of paper, pamphlets, brochures, photos, name tags etc. on the glass board. Flexible magnetic products such as magnetic strips are not suitable for glass boards because the magnetic holding force is too low.

The most typical magnet used on glass boards are the strong neodymium magnets (also known as power magnets). We have a large range of alteratives to the standard neodymium magnets that you can use in the office, meeting room or show room. Get a glass board magnet with a colored cap, with a rubber coating or with a different magnetic holding force depending on how much it has to hold.

We are constantly developing new magnets for glass boards, so if you have a specific idea or need, you are more than welcom to contact us (+45 39 65 48 00) and we will find a nice solution for you.

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